We offer a Safe, Convenient and Reliable alternative that gets you home safely.

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    52 WEEKS, 365 DAYS

Why Choose Us


We know how important it is that you can depend on us which is why we will move heaven and earth to make sure we are there for you and that’s why we will always keep our promise.


We take great pride in maintaining and making sure our Clients are happy. We understand and value your time. That’s why we will always make sure we get to you within 45 Minutes of your Booking.


We truly value Honesty however bitter. We will be upfront with you if we can’t make it to your desired appointment venue or for whatever reason as to why we can’t meet our obligation to you. And with this a valid reason will be availed.


We treat all our Clients as precious cargo. And as such our Drivers undergo rigorous Training, Full background checks as well as a series of assessments before they join our team. An extensive Quality Assurance process is always in place to make sure we are always on top of our Game.

About us

We offer a Safe, Convenient and Reliable alternative that gets you home safely. We offer our Clients a Designated Driver service that provides you with a chauffeur when you need one to get you and your car home safely. We give you the peace of mind that you will always arrive safely. So whether you are planning a big celebration or a quiet drink turns into something more rowdy, you have always got an alternative to getting behind the wheel when you really shouldn’t. Just let us drive you home.

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Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully and if anything is unclear, please contact our Customer Care department, we’ll be happy to guide and advise you.